G530h Galaxy Grand Prime firmware | flash file

G530h Galaxy Grand Prime firmware | flash file

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We welcome you to visit this page of Amazefile. As all of you know  the  Amazefile first priority is to provide you new and tested file to its customers. Before now Amazefile is providing you some paid services among them include new and paid file services.But  now on our customers warm insisting we are making Amazefile free for our customer. You will be happy to know that we have closed Amazefile paid services and also removed login system now you can download files on first click without login

How we can flash any mobile?

Here we will tell you what is mobile flashing and how mobile software can be done. Most mobile require software or flash when mobile logo gets hang or it will get a password, These  are some faults due to which there is a need of doing software. along this there are some other causes too like mobile gets a virus or its not properly working then we do mobile software Generally, we use software devices for doing mobile software, but some mobile do not require device like China or Clone mobile mostly can be flashed by Sp-flash tool and if there is some official files then they can be flashed by their Tools.
Generally for making any mobile flash it is necessary to know about what kind of CPU is Attached with it.
For Mtk Device! Sp-flash tool can be used or you can use any device which supports MTK

How to flash Samsung Clone mobile via flash tool?
First of all Download the latest  Sp-flash tool Browse the location of the file and choose the “Sctter File” which is named as “MT65xx Android _scatter” Please wait while File is loaded in Fash tool Press “Download” button. Or Select “Firmware Upgrade” if you want to upgrade software. Switch-off the phone, Remove it’s battery and replace it back Hit the “Download” or “Firmware Upgrade” button. Plug-in the USB cable to phone to connect it to your PC.
If you need Mtk Drivers Download Mtk Drivers The process will be started, and Red, Purple & Yellow progress stripes will be shown. “Ok” Notification will be appearing in a green circle at the end of the whole process. Plug it out from the USB cable. And you can turn it on.

Read me once

If you are using Flashing Box then it is necessary to have a backup of your present mobile software. If you attached one wrong file with mobile then there will be chances of getting mobile dead or Logo hang but if you have a backup you can easily bring about your mobile in its previous state.

File Information

Name: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H
Version: MT6572__samsung__SM-G530H__fortunalte__4.4.4__ALPS.JB3.MP.V1
Preloader: Preloader_e118_lca                 Size (99.3 (KB)
File type: This file is read by Box  Chinese Miracle-2 (Cm2)

The files,which you are downloading One this page of AmazeFile that are our self tested and officially released.which help you when your mobile Logo hang or with a software problem,


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